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Residential Video Surveillance Systems

By on May 14th, 2015

In recent months, we here at Damar Security Systems have started to experience a noticeable increase in customer requests for residential video surveillance. We are not 100% sure what the motivating factors are behind these requests, but they could be stemming from the dramatic increase in smartphone usage and connected apps in recent years. We also feel that perhaps it is the awareness that this technology is becoming more accessible (and readily available) at affordable costs.

Progress of Technology

Regardless of the motivation behind this increased interest, we feel strongly that what we are experiencing is simply a progression of technology. For years, Damar Security Systems has been able to provide text and email notifications of events from a variety of our customized Residential Security Systems. This service has many applications. A common example is a notification that lets parents know that their kids have arrived home safely from school, through a message that the system was disarmed. Today, parents can not only receive a notification of the system as its disarmed, but also are provided with a video clip that actually shows the kids entering the home and disarming the system themselves.

Live Video at Any Time

Interacting with the video cameras installed at the home can be done at anytime as well – not just in response to a notification. By connecting to the home through an intuitive app on a smartphone, tablet or computer, homeowners can view live video from the cameras. This has an even larger variety of applications, everything from checking up on the home while away, to peeking in on the family pets throughout the day.

Residential Video Surveillance

Video Integration

During alarm conditions, video from the home can be used to assist in determining if the signal is a valid alarm, or a false one . These events are securely stored in the cloud for future reference as well. By integrating the cameras with the security system, parents can even make sure their teenagers stay out of the liquor cabinet when they are not at home!

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