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“an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

It is often said that it is best and ultimately less costly to circumvent a problem from happening than to repair or correct it later.

Your Damar Security System helps to keep your family, property or business safe, but only if every component is working as it should. If an element is not operating properly, it would be best to determine this during a test, rather than in a true alarm situation.

In other words, don’t wait for a break-in to find out your system isn’t working.

Testing your security system is important!

Performing a test of your security system can indicate potential maintenance issues. Additionally, a system test may also reveal faulty components, such as motion detectors, door & window sensors, glass break detectors, or life safety devices such as smoke, or carbon monoxide detectors. All of the components that you rely on to protect the things most valuable to you. Damar Security Systems recommends that you test your system at least once a month.

Monthly tests can also verify that your security system can successfully communicate with our Signal Receiving Center (SRC). Today’s security systems can communicate over a variety of technologies. It is important to verify that your security system if working accurately, so that our team can respond accordingly in an emergency situation.

Click here to download and print Damar Security Systems How to Test Instructions.