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Security officer watching security feeds in an office


An access control system can help address many of the most common security challenges that facilities face today.

What we offer:

  • Protecting critical areas to secure valuable assets and sensitive information
  • Monitoring and restricting access to these areas
  • Managing multi-site access cards from one centralized point
  • Eliminating the need to replace keys with employee turnover
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Damar Security Systems can manage all aspects of your access control system. We host all software internally, and even administrate your database for you. Trust Damar Security Systems to manage your businesses’ unique access control needs.

  • We will assign all access cards and fobs and add or remove users at your request
  • We can create access control levels for specific employees depending on clearance levels, as determined by the client
  • We offer several customizable solutions that can adapt to your unique needs: day staff/night crew restrictions
  • We can create specialized schedules to assist with the opening and closings of your business
  • Take the burden and cost off of your IT staff by outsourcing the management of your access control
  • We provide all software updates internally for your managed system and backup your information; keeping it safe and secure
Access control panel
Access control panel using bluetooth on a phone


Today’s access control systems no longer require the use of a physical access card (credit card style) or a fob on a keychain, in order to authorize access to a controlled area. By using Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, access control system credentials can be built directly into an authorized user’s mobile device. Access control system users are less likely to lose or misplace their mobile device than they are with a physical credential

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