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Summer Vacation Travel Tips

Like most Canadians, summer time can be the perfect time to pack up the family for a weekend getaway or an extended family vacation.  Whether you’re planning a vacation to a beach destination, a big city or an exciting outdoor adventure, it is important to consider a few key summer travel tips before you head out on the road.


  • Be Flexible – A great summer travel tip is to be flexible. The trick is to be flexible with your travel plans to get the most mileage for your dollar.  Most travel and entertainment destinations are fighting over your business right now. Utilize the internet to seek great deals and be spontaneous about your day to day plans if you’re travelling locally.
  • Paperwork – If planning a family vacation outside of Canada, be sure to double check the expiry dates to ensure your Passports are still valid.  Processing times to renew or apply for a Passport can take a month or more.
  • Destination – Be sure to utilize as many online tools as possible to find the best deals on hotels and attractions.  Your dollar is very valuable to businesses and with the proper amount of research you can source some great deals.  Be sure to read up on any health and safety concerns that may affect your travel plans like area beach closures, area biting insects and consider the weather forecast to make best use of your summer vacation.
  • What to pack for your vacation – If heading to a camp ground or to a rural environment, be sure to pack items like bug repellent, sun screen and be prepared to pack pants and long-sleeved clothing to protect yourself from ticks.  Packing items like a case of water and an assortment of snacks can also save you money while enjoying your getaway.
  • Protect your home – Many people overlook the importance protecting your home while travelling.  Home break ins are on the rise as people look at social media for homes left empty.  Make sure you prepare your house for an extended vacation by creating a vacation home security checklist.  Make sure all your windows and doors are locked and properly secured. Tell a neighbor that you are going to be away and to watch for suspicious activity. Or have an alarm system or home camera system installed so you have the peace of mind while travelling.  Having a monitored security system can notify you any time anyone enters your home. You can also include specialty features like flood and temperature detection, the ability to control your thermostat and door locks. If you install cameras, you would have the ability to view recorded events or live shots of your home from your mobile device while you’re enjoying some rest and relaxation this summer.



Don’t forget to pack your sun screen!!!!