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With so many options for smart locks, how can you pick the best?

As smart homes have evolved over the years, more and more devices have become available to help your home work for you. Smart locks are an important aspect of a smart home and keep your investments and family safe and secure. But what exactly are smart locks, and how can you be sure to pick the right one for you?

What are smart locks?

Smart door locks, or smart locks, are wireless electronic locks placed on home entrances which enable smart features for the home’s doors. Unlike door sensors that alert you to your door being open or closed, a smart door lock empowers users to take control of their home’s doorways through features like remote locking and unlocking, keyless entry, and more.

Why should I get a smart lock?

Smart locks generally utilize smart features to assist users in supervising and managing their doors. With smart door locks, users have the freedom to leave their keys behind while maintaining peace-of-mind about their home’s security.

Unwanted entries into a home most commonly occur along the path of least resistance. According to a CNET article posted in early 2022, a survey of inmates convicted of burglary revelad that “…the most common way burglars enter homes is through an unlocked door or window.” Smart locks take the guesswork out of your home security by allowing constant control and monitoring of your doors.

For members of a household that are supposed to be there, smart locks can help everyone move in and out of the house without issue. Someone forget their keys? Remotely unlock the door or provide a temporary code to help them enter without the need for a costly locksmith visit.

What should I look for in a smart lock?

Purchasing the best smart lock for your home is an important decision. It’s essential to purchase a lock that suits your lifestyle while fitting into your home’s design. Most smart locks will provide you with the ability to easily lock and unlock your doors through a variety of different inputs: codes, biometrics, or through mobile applications.

One of the most critical components of a smart home is how well each device interacts with the controller and other devices. That’s especially true for a smart lock. Inconsistent communication or drops on a smart door lock can jeopardize your entire security system.

Purchasing a lock with large, consistent wireless range helps to mitigate these issues. Different smart locks utilize a variety of communication frequencies to work and each one provides different ranges. Some smart locks might use your Wi-Fi network to function while others might utilize frequencies like Z-Wave.

What is IQ Lock and PowerG?

PowerG is an industry-leading radio frequency with over 4x the range of traditional wireless plus a host of features like frequency hopping and adaptive transmission power. PowerG ensures your devices stay safe and connected.

The new IQ Lock utilizes PowerG to keep you connected to your entryways like never before. With IQ Lock and PowerG, you are in total control of your door locks and home security system.

Even better, locks like the IQ Lock can connect to IQ Panel to unlock even more amazing features. When paired with an IQ Panel, the IQ lock allows users to leverage features such as Bluetooth touchless disarming, geofencing and scenes to set your other smart devices when leaving or arriving, and timers for custom codes.

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For the most effective and secure smart lock, IQ Lock is the best smart lock available for your home. Contact us today for more information about IQ Lock featuring PowerG.

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