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Get Ready for Spring

With the warm weather finally on our door step, I know my children are excited to be outside again, playing with their neighborhood friends. As a parent, this is the perfect time to conduct a few safety checks in and around your home. Once you’ve dusted off their favorite summer time toys, consider these safety tips:

  1. Helmet Check – have your child try on their bike helmet to ensure its still in proper working order. Be sure to look on the outside of the helmet for any cracks and make sure all the padding is in its proper position inside. My kids grow like weeds over the winter, so be sure to adjust the chin strap to make sure it is fitting properly to protect them.
  2. The Play Area – it’s important, especially early in the season to ensure all playground safety measures are in place. Walk around the playground and to be sure padding and turf are still in place at the bottom of the slide or around swings.
  3. Test Outdoor Toys and Bikes – When you first bring their bike out from the basement or shed, check that the brakes are in good working order and tires are properly inflated. Also, double check that the chain guard is in place and not damaged. It’s always a good idea to refresh all children on the rules for riding their bikes or playing on the street, regardless of their age. Watch for cars, check both ways when crossing the street or simply to stay on the side walk in busy traffic areas. For larger outdoor play structures, such as trampolines, be sure to clean and remove dirt, conduct an inspection to see if they are damaged in any way and that the safety features are fully functional.
  4. Protect Their Skin – Check your local UV forecasts and remember the sun can burn all year round. Sunscreen is a good idea, even in the early Spring.
  5. Sports – if your child is playing sports, make sure you are fully educated on the risks of the sport and purchase the proper protective equipment so they can play their game as safely as possible and enjoy it. Don’t forget about their teeth, mouth guards a great way to protect against damage and help reduce the risks of concussions. Many different types of sports have some level of risk. Talk to your family doctor about ways you can reduce those risks and help find the right sport for your child.
  6. Add Home Tech – If your doorbell rings constantly with kids calling your son or daughter, installing a Video Doorbell to record and remotely monitor who is at the door, at any time is very convenient. As an added measure, monitoring your yard with CCTV cameras in the front and back yards will not only allow you to keep tabs on what the kids are up to, but also adds a level of protection your home and your property. Pool owners should consider adding a door contact to the pool gate, which activates an alarm if someone tries to access your pool without your knowledge. Talk to your local alarm company to add any of these great tech features to your home for added peace of mind.

Have a happy, and safe Spring!