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Peregrine Falcon Update

By on April 29th, 2014

Last year, Damar Security partnered with Sony of Canada to help support the Canadian Peregrine Falcon Foundation project. We installed Pan-Tilt-Zoom and fixed HD cameras to keep a close eye on the birds in eight carefully chosen locations. To date, The mating, nesting, and hatching at these nests have been observed by millions of viewers. The Canadian Peregrine Foundation has a webcam link available on their website that posts updated photos every 30 seconds. We’ve can’t believe how much these birds have grown in the past year!

Last Fall, we replaced two cameras at one of the Peregrine Falcon nest sites. A viewer in Rochester, NY grabbed the image below from one of the cameras and was so impressed that she forwarded them onto the Canadian Peregrine Foundation.

Canadian Peregrine Falcon - Damar Security Web Cam

We recently caught a glimpse of new eggs in the nest (apparently there are actually four eggs, but only three are visible in the photo):

Peregrine Falcon Eggs

Best of all, we have a short video clip of the mom O’Conner returning to the nest and nestling the eggs underneath herself. The dad (Jack) comes and goes as he has another mate, at another nest, but hopefully we’ll catch a glimpse of him soon too.

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