Am I responsible to test my alarm system on a regular basis?

It is an excellent idea to test your system, perhaps once a month.  Before testing, please call us at our local number or 1-877-263-2627 and then select Option 1, identify yourself by name and system number.  You may be asked for your password or PIN code.  Advise that you will be testing the system and for how long.  (Our minimum test disable time is one hour, but it can be more.)  Once we have placed your system on test close all the doors and windows and obtain a “ready” indication.  Arm the system and wait for the exit delay time to expire.  Then move about the house or office so that each motion detector “sees” you, open and close every door and protected window.  Once you have triggered all the devices enter your code to disarm the system.  Call us again and ensure that we received the signals.  You may take the system off of test disable at this time. Be careful to not exceed your test time as the system will automatically return to service and any subsequent test signal will result in a dispatch.  Should you have any questions about testing your system please feel free to contact a customer service representative for assistance. Please note that where Damar Security is monitoring (supervising) customer equipment it is a requirement that these devices be tested monthly. Customer equipment includes but is not limited to: Temperatures out of limits, water levels out of limits – including sump wells, furnaces and air, oil and water pressures out of limits.