What should I do if my smoke detector operates but there is no fire emergency?

First, remain calm, and if there is not an emergency, turn off your security system (generally entering your arm/disarm code and pressing the off button does this). If you are a residential customer, we will attempt to call your home one time. As soon as you have turned off your security system, please call us – toll free 1-877-263-2627 and then select Option 0 and identify by system number and name and state that there is no emergency. If we are unable to reach you at the premises, or if you have not contacted our Signal Receiving Center at 1-877-263-2627, Option 0 to notify us that there is a false alarm, we will dispatch the local Fire Department; and then try to contact someone from your call list to meet the fire department on site. If you are a commercial customer, we will dispatch the Fire Department immediately, unless you have contacted our Monitoring Center at 1-877-263-2627, Option 0 prior to our notification to the fire service. If you do call us after we have notified the fire service, we will advise them of the false alarm but they likely will continue their response.