What is the advantage of using Cellular as compared to Internet Alarm Signalling?

Damar Security Systems offers both cellular and IP (internet) methods to link your home to our monitoring centre.  While IP systems are a safe and effective monitoring system you should consider the reliability of your internet. We have found that customers who employ internet access from a cable TV company experience more outages than fibre or DSL. Many of our customers experience fault free internet over fibre. If in doubt about your internet access reliability we recommend that you employ both internet and cellular. Aside from the reliability of wired interconnectivity there is the possibility that an intruder may cut the external wiring prior to attacking your home or office. Another consideration is the standby power for your internet service. Internet connectivity requires a modem/router or a modem and a separate router and perhaps a network switch – all of which require electrical power. If there is any opportunity for commercial power failures (including intentional interruption) cellular is recommended as Damar Security provides backup power for the cellular transmitter.