What does “Fire Suppression Sprinkler Supervisory Service” mean?

Fire suppression sprinkler systems are a proven method of reducing the potential for large loses due to fire. In many cases sprinkler systems are required by the building code. There are three parameters that are required to be monitored, or supervised, on a sprinkler system. Damar Security Systems monitors for water flow in the sprinkler piping – indicative of a high probability of a fire. However water may flow in a sprinkler system as a result of damage to the piping or freezing. Any waterflow indication results in an immediate notification to the fire service. We also monitor all valves that can affect the availability of water to the sprinkler system. Simply put – if the water supply is interrupted the sprinkler system is rendered useless. With our sprinkler supervisory service, you will be notified within five minutes of a valve closure. Many sprinkler systems depend upon excess pressure in the sprinkler piping to prevent false alarms. We monitor this pressure and any significant reduction in pressure will result in notification to you within five minutes. In addition, where necessary we monitor the ambient temperature of the sprinkler system control values to alert you of a dangerously low temperature and the possibility of freezing that may damage the sprinkler equipment.