What can I do to help prevent false alarms?

We are so glad that you asked this important question!  False alarms waste valuable resources!  Here are some suggestions that will go a long way towards reducing the possibility of having a false or unnecessary alarm:

Everyone who has a key or a code to unlock the door to your home or business MUST have an alarm system access code and a personal identification on file with our signal receiving center.

  1.  Everyone who has a key to your home or business MUST be trained in the proper operation of the alarm system.
  2. Everyone who uses the alarm system must know that if they accidently activate an alarm, they should call our signal receiving center – toll free anywhere in North America at 1-877-263-2627 and then select Option 0. Do Not call 911 – call us
  3. Encourage your alarm system users to “practice” arming, disarming and clearing the system memory.  Just call us at 1-877-263-2627 and then select Option 1, identify yourself by system number and personal identification code and request that the system be placed “on test”.  Our minimum “test disable” time is one hour but you can request additional time if necessary.  While the system is on “test disable” you can practice to your hearts content.
  4. Prior to arming your system take a few minutes to ensure that all exterior doors are locked, windows are closed and locked, and especially for businesses make sure there is no one left inside – neither people who belong there, or “stay-behinds” – persons who may be planning to rob your place and only activate an alarm when they leave.
  5. Practice good maintenance.  Poorly fitting doors may move enough to activate a door sensor, motion detectors can be affected by drafts or air movement from forced air heating.
  6. Pets can be a source of false alarms – so please let us know about a new member of your family.
  7. Please answer your telephone should it ring within a few minutes of arming or disarming your security system – it could be one of our friendly operators calling to make sure everything is OK.  We genuinely care about your well-being and by answering our call you may prevent a false alarm dispatch.
  8. Our systems may be disarmed from the exterior of your home or business, or they are programmed with an entry delay time that gives time to disarm the system.  If for some reason you do not immediately disarm, the system will commence notification to our signal receiving center.  If you subsequently disarm the system within a minute or so our trained operators with follow a “alarm + disarm” protocol based on the fact that someone with a proper access code has disarmed the system.  This alarm + disarm protocol prevents literally thousands of false dispatches in Canada every day.
  9. If you expect workers, real estate agents, delivery persons, etc., you should not set your alarm. If you must set your alarm, meet with the people at your site to deactivate the alarm.