What Additional Fees or Charges Will I Need to Keep in Mind with Security Systems?

Here is a list of potential on-going costs and fees associated with a security system, in addition to the initial purchase and installation costs:

  • Monthly monitoring fee: If your system is monitored there will be a recurring fee for this service;
  • Third Party Communication Charge: This may be your normal internet service which will carry signals to the Damar Signal Receiving Center. If you chose to employ cellular backup service there is a small monthly fee payable to Damar Security.
  • Activation Fee: Damar does not charge an activation fee!
  • Service Fee: Damar Security Systems provides a one year warranty on the installation and material for your security system. After the first year we offer an “extended warranty” where for a small additional fee we take care of any problems on the system during normal business hours at no additional cost.