Tell me about ULC – what is it and why is it applicable to your alarm services?

ULC is an abbreviation for Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada, a not-for-profit organization.  ULC has two primary roles related to intrusion and fire alarm services.  First of all, ULC is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada for the development of National Standard for Canada related to, among other things, fire alarm systems, equipment and monitoring service, and intrusion alarms, equipment, installation and monitoring services.  Second, ULC is a knowledgeable third party that evaluates alarm companies like Damar Security Systems to confirm that we are capable of supplying, installing, servicing and monitoring intrusion alarm systems and fire alarm monitoring equipment.  Companies that meet the rigid ULC requirements are recognized in the ULC Directory and are authorized to issue certificates of compliance to applicable standards.  Damar Security Systems has been recognized by ULC since 1976 and is ULC recognized for intrusion alarm systems – residential, commercial and industrial, fire alarm and fire suppression systems monitoring, and financial institution safe, vault and hold-up alarm systems, service and monitoring.