I got an alarm system just by putting a sign in my yard! Can you monitor and service my system now that my rates keep going up every year?

If you have fulfilled the initial term contractual obligations to your present alarm service provider, we can switch your monitoring to our highly rated ULC Listed response centre.  In most cases we can perform the conversion at no charge to you provided that you agree to a minimum term of service.  In some cases, the alarm panel installed by your current provider may be locked out and we will not be able to access the programming and if this is the case, we will have to replace the panel and perhaps the keypads too.  We will be as reasonable as possible.  In some cases, it may be a big advantage to upgrade your alarm control equipment to take advantage of smart phone compatibility and the ability to view cameras in your home or business.  Please call us at 1-844-505-0428 to speak with one of our Customer Excellent Ambassadors.