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What is happening?

Normally, we associate a beautiful sunset with relaxation, and being at peace. However, when it comes to a technology sunset such as the 3G/4G cellular technology sunset we find ourselves experiencing, it is anything but peaceful and relaxing.

As an industry, we’ve been here before. Analog telephone lines were sunset when they became digital with the evolution of VoIP. Back in 2017/2018, we experienced our first cellular technology sunset as cellular providers started shutting down their 2G network to make room for the faster 3G/4G technology. It has now come time to go through our second cellular technology sunset as the cellular service providers start to shut down the 3G/4G networks in favour of expanding their roll-out of new cellular technology. This is scheduled to be tentatively completed by the end of March 2025.

So, what does it mean?

This means that all of the 3G/4G cellular communicators that are installed on customer security systems will need to be replaced with new cellular technology communicators. Without migrating to new cellular technology, your current cellular communicator will not work once the 3G sunset is complete.

How do I get this work done?

If you have received notification from Damar Security Systems that your current cellular communicator will be impacted, please complete the form below or contact our Sales Professionals at 1-877-263-2627. We will then present you with the options & solutions available, to ensure that security and life safety systems are continuing to communicate with our own monitoring center.