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Fire & Sprinkler Monitoring

Sprinkler Supervisory Service

When your facility is protected by a fire suppression sprinkler system you may realize a significant fire insurance premium saving! Statistics prove that sprinkler systems are very effective at extinguishing a fire and as a fire detection system. When your sprinkler system is supervised by Damar Security Systems we can immediately notify the fire authorities and your representatives when water starts to flow! But did you know that the sprinkler system may be inadvertently disabled by the closing of the main water supply valve? Damar Security Systems supervises the critical sprinkler system functions such as the water supply valves and system pressures. We are there for you twenty-four hours a day ensuring that your facility is protected.

Fire truck

Fire Alarm System Monitoring Service

Many fire alarm systems are required to be monitored by the Building Code and Fire Code. Damar Security Systems has been providing fire alarm system monitoring in accordance with National Standards of Canada since 1977! We don’t just monitor for an alarm and notify the fire service. Damar provides a complete fire alarm system monitoring service where we supervise for trouble and supervisory signals. All equipment is Listed (approved) for fire alarm system monitoring and we perform an annual inspection and test to ensure the system is fully functional. When you select fire alarm monitoring service from Damar Security Systems, in accordance with a National Standard of Canada no one can criticize your choice.

We’re there … even when you’re not

Ideal for property management companies, Damar offers bi-monthly or annual inspections to test and verify the fire alarm signaling service to keep your property safe.

The Damar Promise: our experts will work with your team until your expectations are met; offering peace of mind, every step of the way.

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