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Fire Alarm Monitoring

This information is available to help our customers understand the fire alarm services we provide and the relationship between Damar Security Systems and fire alarm service companies. Generally Damar Security Systems does not provide service, testing or repairs to your fire alarm system. This is usually handled by a third party provider.

In many cases the monitoring of a fire alarm system is required by the Ontario Building Code or the Ontario Fire Code. The Ontario Fire Code 2007 requires continuing monitoring service in accordance with a National Standard for Canada and violators are subject to being fined.

Damar Security Systems is “listed” by the Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada for the provision of “Fire Signal Receiving Centre Systems and Services” and as such we are able to meet or exceed the requirements of the local Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

Damar Security Systems has been providing the highest degree of service and protection for our fire alarm monitoring customers since 1977. We appreciate the trust you have placed with us!

Our service provides for the monitoring of the following signals:

Fire Alarm: the alarm system in the premises has been activated. This is usually indicated by the fire alarm bells or horns sounding throughout the building.

Fire Panel Trouble Signal: Your Fire alarm system is designed to monitor the condition of the circuits that extend throughout your building as well as critical conditions within the fire alarm control unit itself. Very likely the most frequent fire alarm system trouble signal will be a loss of primary electrical power to the fire alarm control unit. Should there be a short duration Fire Alarm Panel Trouble Signal that is restored to normal within about two minutes we will likely not bother you with a notification. If the building is equipped with a standby generator you may wish to give us direction in writing that we should take no action on a fire alarm trouble signal if the condition is corrected within a fifteen minute period. This is an option that is available at no additional charge and can save unnecessary calls.

Fire Panel Supervisory Signal: Your fire alarm system designer and/or installer may have provided certain “supervisory” conditions that can be displayed on your fire alarm panel. These may consist of supervision signals from a fire suppression sprinkler system such as a water supply valve or a pressure drop. There may be other conditions monitored on your fire alarm panel and you should consult your fire alarm system designer/installer/service person for more information on supervisory signals. Should there be a problem or fault with one of these supervised conditions we will receive a signal and notify you so that you may take corrective action. Should there be a short duration Fire Alarm Panel SUPERVISORY SIGNAL that is restored to normal within about two minutes we will likely not bother you with a notification.

Cabinet Tamper: Please do not open any alarm signal transmission equipment installed by Damar Security Systems. In the event that an unauthorized person should open our transmitter cabinet we will receive a tamper signal. Please make sure that your staff understands that there are no user serviceable components contained within our cabinet. If the cabinet is opened we are obligated to attend at the premises and verify the integrity of our equipment and connections. Unless the cabinet tamper is the result of a technical problem our service response will be a chargeable service call.

Low Battery Signal: We supervise the condition of the standby battery within our signal transmitter. Upon receipt of a low battery signal our service technicians will investigate and take appropriate action.

Fail To Test: Our equipment may automatically generate a test signal to our signal receiving center. In the event that we do not receive an automatic test signal within the allotted time we will initiate corrective action.

Loss of Communications / Communication Problems: The connections between your premises and our signal receiving center are either continually monitored or provided on dual facilities. In the case of a loss of communications our signal receiving center operators will commence corrective action to restore the communications facilities. Part of this procedure may result in a telephone call to you to advise that there has been a failure of communications and we may ask you to observe the Bell Canada provided modem to aid in the investigation of the problem. Our inquiry will be limited to the status of three or four indicators on the front of the modem. In case of problems with the dual communication facilities we will institute corrective action for you. We will attempt to notify you of communication problems and at that time you should commence a manual fire watch and be prepared to notify your local fire service by dialing 911 in the event of a fire or a fire alarm signal. We will notify you again when the communication problems have been corrected. Virtually all communication problems are the result of Bell Canada equipment failures.

Notification Procedure: We are required to notify the fire department within thirty seconds of receipt of a fire alarm signal and notify you as soon as possible. In the absence of other directions from you, we will notify you as soon as possible following receipt of a supervisory or trouble signal. One exception is that in the event of a power failure where we have reason to believe that it is wide spread, we likely will not notify you of a fire alarm panel trouble. You do have the option to give us direction in writing to hold the notification of fire alarm panel supervisory and/or trouble signals until the next working day. Such direction to us should only be given after carefully consideration of all aspects of the building fire protection system and the effect this may have on the premises fire safety plan.

It is important that we have a minimum of three contact persons to notify in the event of a fire alarm, supervisory or trouble conditions. Please advise them that our Caller-ID is “DSRCALARMCO” and the calling number is “519-346-6342” and they should answer any call from us. Obviously during the daytime occupied hours the contact would be to the premises. Should there be any changes in your staff or their contact information please ensure that our Signal Receiving Center receives the updated information.

Restoration of Alarm, Supervisory or Trouble Conditions: If there is an Alarm Control Keypad provided it will be necessary to reset the alarm signals once everything is back to normal. Simply enter the digits 5-4-3-2-1 to silence the keypad and/or reset the alarm condition. There are no user functions to be performed inside our fire alarm system monitoring equipment. The resetting of your fire alarm control unit should be performed prior to resetting our equipment. For fire monitoring systems installed or upgraded after 2011 10 25 there is no need to reset any signals.

Notes Regarding Your Fire Alarm System: With regard to the operation of the fire alarm system please be aware of the following. You should consult your fire alarm system service provider for the proper instructions for resetting alarms, addressing supervisory conditions or correcting fire alarm panel trouble conditions. While our operators are more than willing to provide as much assistance as possible for our customers please understand that the fire alarm system, the fire alarm control unit and the related equipment, are generally not supplied, installed or serviced by Damar Security Systems and as such we do not have adequate information to give you instructions or assistance in the operation of your fire alarm system. Please do not be disappointed if our operators are unable to give you directions for the silencing and /or resetting your fire alarm control unit.

Construction, Renovations and Testing: Please be sure that construction and fire alarm service contractors use caution around the fire alarm system once our monitoring is operational! In the event that someone will be working on, or testing the fire alarm system please ensure that they call our Signal Receiving Center PRIOR to performing any work. They will need to identify the system number and provide their name and contact telephone number as well as an indication of how long they will be working on the fire alarm system. Our telephone number and the system number are posted clearly on the fire alarm panel and on our signal transmitter cabinet. Monitoring and response will automatically commence at the specified completion time. This means that if they should continue to work on the fire alarm system after the expiration of the “out of service” time we will dispatch the fire department should we receive a fire alarm signal. If for any reason you can not locate the local telephone number please call toll free 800-265-7562.

Our Obligations: We will visit your premises once per year to conduct an operational test and inspection of our signal transmitting equipment. Damar Security Systems provides an “extended warranty” on the equipment that we supply and install and this means that except for intentional damage beyond our control, there is no charge for any repairs necessary to keep your fire alarm monitoring connection in proper operating order.

Upon receipt of an alarm signal we must notify the responding authority within thirty seconds. If you do not reset your fire alarm panel within eight hours we must follow-up and determine when you will be resetting the system. Upon receipt of a fire alarm panel supervisory or trouble signal we will notify you as soon as possible and if you do not remedy a problem within twelve hours we must follow-up with you.

Important Note: The terms, services and procedures contained herein are general in nature and in some cases the service provided or our obligations may be modified per the formal agreement for service.

Should you have any questions please contact us toll free at 877-263-2627 and ask for a customer service representative.

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