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At the very least Damar Security Systems wants to protect the doors leading into the home. Most break-ins occur through a forced door.  We then address additional protection with you such as windows and motions sensors.  Monitored smoke alarm detection is extremely important as is furnace failure detection, water-level detection and carbon monoxide detection. Insurance companies tell us that they pay out more in claims where sump pumps have failed – so we have an excellent high water detectors to give an early warning of a pump failure.  We have even installed detectors on liquor cabinets. Video surveillance can also be used to the desired scope of the homeowner. Lastly, new technology grants the homeowner greater control of their home security through mobile apps and home automation devices

Yes! A properly designed Damar Security System allows a separate setting for “at home” or “away” operation.

Yes! Our systems offer the choice to have pet immune motion detectors.

Yes! We have audible devices such as sirens and bells, which are in most cases, “a first line of defense” for deterring burglars. We also will discuss with you the options of a “silent” alarm in the event of duress.

Yes! All of our alarm systems are designed with a “standby battery” that will operate your alarm during a power failure.

Most likely!  We can not speak on behalf of your insurance company but most companies will discount your insurance rates. This could be anywhere from 3-20%! Call your provider to learn more.

Yes! The system can be armed with the press of a button and disarmed with a 4-digit code or key fob. (A key fob is a small device that can be attached to your key ring.)  Individual codes can also be created for different users.  And we can even send you a text or email that the system has been disarmed by your child or children.

First and foremost, remain calm!  Simply use your alarm code to silence the alarm and then call our Signal Receiving Centre to cancel the alarm.  Always be ready to give your system number and your personal identification so we know that everything is OK.  We have many local telephone numbers but for your convenience you can call us at 1-800-265-7562 from anywhere in North America.

Damar Security Systems regards accidental alarms very seriously and we utilize many industry accepted techniques to help reduce false alarms.  Most of our residential systems are programmed to report a signal when disarmed following an alarm.  This is an indication that someone who actually belongs at the premises has disarmed the system.  In many cases the alarm control unit is designed to delay the alarm transmission to allow time for the system to be disarmed.  If in doubt please feel fee to call us and inquired if we received a signal.

Helplink Emergency Response is Damar Security System’s exclusive personal emergency response service.  We can provide a pendent, a tabletop or wall mounted emergency devices that will put you in touch with one of our own trained response operators who will verify your emergency and notify the proper authorities.  We will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

Our technicians are fully trained and knowledgeable about most systems on the market today.  It is very likely that we can monitor and service the system.  Or as an alternative we can trade out the existing alarm control unit – for a very reasonable price.

On new installations, we generally DO NOT use a wired telephone line connection any more.  Every day at least one of our customers does away with a landline telephone connection.  Today’s technology allows us to utilize the cellular data network and/or the internet to send alarm signals.  Cellular as the advantage that there are no outside lines that can be cut or tampered with.  A combination of internet and cellular is the absolute best for assured alarm transmission in the event of a compromise attempt.

No!  Your alarm system is connected to Damar’s own Signal Receiving Centre where we confirm every alarm signal received and attempt to verify that an emergency does not exist before we notify the authorities.  We employ industry “best practices” in our efforts to prevent unnecessary notifications to the police and fire authorities.  In many cases these attempts to verify alarm conditions are mandated by the police service.

All new system installations are covered by a warranty on materials and labour for the first year.  We offer an extended warranty program for a small additional cost.  We have fully trained and certificated technicians that can repair any system that we supply and install – and after the first year there will be a service call charge if you do not have extended warranty.

We do not charge customers for false alarms.  But you should be aware that some police authorities may send a bill to you, or to us, should you have a false alarm.  If we receive a bill we have no choice but to pay the police and we in turn will bill you for the amount of police bill and a small surcharge for handling.

All new Damar Security Systems’ installations are capable of being remotely accessed from your computer, smartphone or tablet.  Legacy systems can be upgraded to be remote compatible for a small additional cost.  Speak to one of our customer service representatives (1-877-263-2627) or fill in the Contact Us form.

ULC is an abbreviation for Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada, a not for profit organization.  ULC has two primary roles related to intrusion and fire alarm services.  First of all ULC is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada for the development of National Standard for Canada related to, among other things, fire alarm systems, equipment and monitoring service, and intrusion alarms, equipment, installation and monitoring services.  Second, ULC is a knowledgeable third party that evaluates alarm companies like Damar Security Systems to confirm that we are capable of supplying, installing, servicing and monitoring intrusion alarm systems and fire alarm monitoring equipment.  Companies that meet the rigid ULC requirements are recognized in the ULC Directory and are authorized to issue certificates of compliance to applicable standards.  Damar Security Systems is ULC recognized for intrusion alarm systems – residential, commercial and industrial, fire alarm and fire suppression systems monitoring, and financial institution safe, vault and hold-up alarm systems, service and monitoring.

ULC Listed

Alarm control unit batteries are rechargeable sealed lead-acid batteries.  Battery manufacturers recommend that these batteries be replaced every five (5) years.  As these batteries age their ability to provide standby power gradually decreases, hence the 5 year recommendation.  Many alarm systems use detection equipment such as motion detectors, smoke detectors and door contacts that have small internal batteries.  The life of these batteries depends to a large degree on the amount of motion within their range or the number of times a door is opened and closed.  However, these devices monitor their batteries and generally will report a low battery condition and still continue to function properly for at least another thirty days.

We prefer to receive changes to the call list by writing.  Please locate your system or account number and your password or personal identification code and include it in an e-mail along with the changes you wish to make.  If you are adding people to the call list it is a good idea to include a home, business and/or cellular telephone number.  Please also indicate where they should be in the call order – first, second, last, etc.  Please be sure that each person on your call list knows what to do in the event they receive a call from us.

It is an excellent idea to test your system, perhaps once a month.  Before testing please call us at our local number or 1-800-265-7562, identify yourself by name and system number.  You may be asked for your password or PIN code.  Advise that you will be testing the system and for how long.  (Our minimum test disable time is one hour, but it can be more.  Once we have placed your system on test close all the doors and windows and obtain a “ready” indication.  Arm the system and wait for the exit delay time to expire.  Then move about the house or office so that each motion detector “sees” you, open and close every door and protected window.  Once you have triggered all the devices enter your code to disarm the system.  Call us again and ensure that we received the signals.  You may take the system off of test disable at this time.  Should you have any questions about testing your system please feel free to contact a customer service representative for assistance.

Please visit our resource centre.  There is an excellent chance that the manual will be available there to view or download.  If your manual is not there, please feel free to contact a customer service representative at 1-877-263-2627 for assistance.

If your security system utilized a conventional telephone line it is very likely that your system will not function.  Many of our installations incorporate alternative signaling methods – most notably cellular data network and your system will continue to function.  Please test your system as described in these FAQ’s and if necessary speak with one of our customer service representatives at 1-877-263-2627.

Most of our systems are programmed to send an automatic check-in or test signal to our signal receiving centre. If we do not receive this signal, we will contact you to advise of a potential problem and to ask some pertinent questions that may assist in determining why the test was not received.  We are one of only a few companies that send daily or weekly test signals.  We do this because we truly care about our customers and the service that we provide.  And there is no extra charge for this valuable additional service.

No!  Our fire alarm monitoring service is provided in compliance with the requirements contained in CAN/ULC-S561, a National Standard of Canada that specifically prohibits verification calls on fire alarm signals.

A memory light on means that there was an alarm during the armed period.  Be careful! While it is not likely there may still be an intruder in your home or office.  You should be able to view the zone or zones that were triggered during the armed period.  For further assistance please call our signal receiving centre at a local number or at 1-800-265-7562.  After you view the memory indications you will have to successfully arm and disarm the system twice to clear the memory.

YES!  When you close the deal on your house you own everything that is in the house, including the pre-wire.  Just tell the builder that you want to wait until you are in the house.  Then call us – toll free at 1-877-263-2627.

If you have fulfilled the initial term contractual obligations to your present alarm service provider, we can switch your monitoring to our highly rated ULC Listed response centre.  In most cases we can perform the conversion at no charge to you provided that you agree to a minimum term of service.  In some cases the alarm panel installed by your current provider may be locked out and we will not be able to access the programming and if this is the case we will have to replace the panel and perhaps the keypads too.  We will be as reasonable as possible.  In some cases it may be a big advantage to upgrade your alarm control equipment to take advantage of smart phone compatibility and the ability to view cameras in your home or business.  Please call us at 1-877-263-2627 and ask for a customer service specialist.

It is highly likely that any change to your phone system will affect your alarm system.  Please call us at 1-877-263-2627 and speak with one of our customer service representatives about communication technologies that are compatible with your system.  We can send alarm signals by way of the internet and the cellular data network.

An access code is the sequence of numbers that you enter into a keypad to control your alarm system – such as arming, disarming or bypassing.  A passcode and a personal identification code are very much the same thing – a confidential sequence of numbers and/or alpha characters used to verify who you claim to be when your call our Signal Receiving Center.  Both access codes and personal identification codes should NOT be shared with anyone.

Keyholders are persons on your call list who can be trusted to respond to an emergency on your behalf.  You should give consideration to a person’s proximity to your home or office and their ability to respond in inclement weather.  As the name implies they should have a key to your premises, have an access code for the alarm system, and sufficient knowledge to operate the system.  They should also have a passcode, and be sure that their passcode is on file with us at our signal receiving center.  Plese remember to update us if you must change keyholders.

We are so glad that you asked this important question!  False alarms waste valuable resources!  Here are some suggestions that will go a long way towards reducing the possibility of having a false or unnecessary alarm:

1) Everyone who has a key or a code to unlock the door to your home or business MUST have an alarm system access code and a personal identification on file with our signal receiving center.

2) Everyone who has a key to your home or business MUST be trained in the proper operation of the alarm system.

3) Everyone who uses the alarm system must know that if they accidently activate an alarm they should call our signal receiving center – toll free anywhere in North America at 1-800-265-7562.

4) Encourage your alarm system users to “practice” arming, disarming and clearing the system memory.  Just call us at 1-800-265-7562, identify yourself by system number and personal identification code and request that the system be placed “on test”.  Our minimum “test disable” time is one hour but you can request additional time if necessary.  While the system is on “test disable” you can practice to your hearts content.

5) Prior to arming your system take a few minutes to ensure that all exterior doors are locked, windows are closed and locked, and especially for businesses make sure there is no one left inside – neither people who belong there, or “stay-behinds” – persons who may be planning to rob your place and only activate an alarm when they leave.

6) Practice good maintenance.  Poorly fitting doors may move enough to activate a door sensor, motion detectors can be affected by drafts or air movement from forced air heating.

7) Pets can be a source of false alarms – so please let us know about a new member of your family.

8) Please answer your telephone should it ring within a few minutes of arming or disarming your security system – it could be one of our friendly operators calling to make sure everything is OK.  We genuinely care about your well-being and by answering our call you may prevent a false alarm dispatch.

9) Our systems may be disarmed from the exterior of your home or business, or they are programmed with an entry delay time that gives time to disarm the system.  If for some reason you do not immediately disarm, the system will commence notification to our signal receiving center.  If you subsequently disarm the system within a minute or so our trained operators with follow a “alarm + disarm” protocol based on the fact that someone with a proper access code has disarmed the system.  This alarm + disarm protocol prevents literally thousands of false dispatches in Canada every day.

Payment for recurring charges can be set up to be automatically charged your credit card or by way of an automatic bank withdrawal.  Please call and speak with a customer service representative at 1-877-263-2627 to set up automatic payment.  You can also pay us by way of electronic banking provided by your financial institution.  Electronic payment saves you the inconvenience of writing a cheque and the cost of postage.  Payment for any other charges can be made electronically by calling us and speaking with the accounts receivable staff.  Please note that for privacy reasons the receivables staff are the only ones who can process payments.

That is a good question considering that the fire code requires smoke detectors in all dwelling units in Ontario.  Our systems have the ability to monitor smoke and heat detectors and any existing system can have them added at any time.  There are two major advantages to having monitored smoke detectors.  Many home smoke detectors are powered by 120 Volt electrical power, that can fail because of an electrical fire.  Our smoke detectors are powered from the alarm panel that is equipped with a standby battery – it will keep working in the event of a power failure.  The second, and perhaps more important advantage is the assurance that the fire department will be notified if you have an emergency.  Smoke and heat detector zones remain on guard even if your intrusion alarm is disarmed.

A home security system from Damar Security can monitor the following devices or conditions:

  • High levels of carbon monoxide;
  • Temperatures that are out of limits – especially for the snowbirds who are away all winter;
  • Sump Pump Failure – high water in the sump well;
  • Smoke and heat detectors;
  • Medical emergencies;
  • Gun Safes;
  • Liquor Cabinets.

“The technicians were very professional in their manner from the beginning of the job until the end. They took the time to explain things and helped walk us through the changes.”

– Gary
Damar Security Systems Customer

“I have been using Damar for over 18 yrs and would highly recommend”

– Sherry
Damar Security Systems Customer

“Rated installation a 10/10: Yaz was beyond exceptional in his service and skill as well as his work ethic.”

– Wayne
Damar Security Systems Customer

“They work hard to make the installation seamless, Thank you!”

– Jeff
Damar Security Systems Customer

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