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Internet Safety 101

Today families are connected more than ever. With teenagers having cell phones, Internet savvy youngsters, and the explosion of social networking sites like Facebook, our children are exposed to a wealth of potential threats – threats that did not exist 5 – 10 years ago.

Today’s parents need to be proactive and take an involved role in educating and protecting their children from Internet predators, cyber-bullying, and email safety. Taking preventive measures to protect your children is not difficult and can easily be accomplished with some simple steps:

  • • Place the family computer in a common area with the monitor visible to others in the room. This way you will be able to see who they are chatting with and what sites they are visiting.
  • • Install Anti-virus software on the computer to protect your personal information. Malicious software can install logging software that can capture passwords, account numbers, etc.
  • • Install parental controls and monitor your children’s internet activity. Once you know how they are using the Internet, the easier it will be to protect them.

Damar Security Systems has partnered with First Alert Professional to offer our customers McGruff Safeguard software. McGruff Safeguard was developed by the National Crime Prevention Council and is designed to monitor your children’s Internet activities.

McGruff Safeguard can monitor what sites they visit on the Internet, what chat rooms they may be visiting, and will generate alerts to parents when offensive or potentially harmful activity is occurring. McGruff Safeguard is available in both free and paid versions.

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