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A Life Safety & Security System from Damar Security Systems is the best way to protect your home and your loved ones from harmful carbon monoxide poisoning or fire.

Fire alarm detecting smoke
Damage from house fire without a security response system

A Proactive Approach

A house fire can be a dangerous and in some cases, a fatal event. Taking appropriate measures to ensure your home is safe is a smart move for any home owner. Protect your home with monitored smoke alarms to provide further home protection in the event of a fire. You not only receive an audible siren, as you normally would, but you can also trust that with our monitoring station; help is on the way.

Mother and child relaxing confidently
Firemen working on putting out a fire

Improve Your Home Safety

In addition to fire safety, we offer monitored carbon monoxide detectors. CO is a colourless, odourless and dangerous gas. It is slightly lighter than air which means it will mix with the air in a room or it may rise upward. Be safe and have Damar Security System supply and install CO detectors connected to your security alarm system so it can be powered by the system and monitored to assure response to an alarm.

Damar Security System fire alarm monitoring

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