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Nuisance Alarm Reduction

Nuisance Alarms put a huge burden on police resources. Every year, the Police respond to millions of calls to false alarm signals where no crime has been committed. Numerous studies have shown that well over 75% of these calls are due to user error. The list below outlines the most common mistakes that are made by homeowners and how to correct them. Please review these suggestions and contact us at 877-263-2627 should you need additional information.

If you accidentally trip your alarm system, immediately disarm the system and call us right away to ensure that we do not notify the authorities!

Setting the Alarm

The most errors occur when the alarm system is being armed. Please follow the proper procedure outlined below:

  • 1. Check the alarm keypad or status indicator and ensure that the system is ready to arm.
  • 2. Make certain that everyone who is leaving is ready to go: Enter your access code (and if necessary “away”) and have all people leave.
  • 3. Close the exit door and lock it. Pay attention to ensure that the siren does not start sounding.

If you have to re-enter the premises simply open the door and disarm the system – enter your access code and, if necessary, “Disarm.”

Disarming the Alarm:

The Second most common errors occur when disarming the system. The proper procedure to follow is:

  • 1. Approach your designated “entry-exit door” and unlock it.
  • 2. Open the door, enter, and immediately disarm the system by entering your access code. If you accidently enter the wrong digit(s) wait about ten seconds and then slowly and carefully enter your proper code – and “Off” if required

Nuisance Alarm Reduction Procedures:

You should know about Industry Standard Nuisance Alarm Reduction Procedures:

• Most of our systems automatically send DISARMING signals – an indication that someone with an access code has disarmed the system following an alarm. If you disarm the system quickly enough we will not be calling you to verify the alarm – your disarming report is adequate notice that there is no emergency condition.

• Intrusion Alarm Control Panel Standard CP-01 imposes an unconditional fifteen-second delay before an alarm signal is transmitted. If you disarm the system quickly enough we will not receive a signal.

• If you do not disarm the system quickly enough we will attempt to call you – however because of answering machines and call forward features the chances of us being able to reach you are significantly less than the probability of you being able to reach us. Please call if you think you have tripped the alarm!

If you are in doubt about whether we have received a signal please call us immediately at 1-800-265-7562.

System Maintenance:

Intrusion Alarm Systems are not maintenance free. They should be tested and inspected periodically.

• Test your alarm system regularly to ensure that it is working properly. We recommend that you test your system on a monthly basis. Before testing your system, please call us at 1-800-265-7562 to inform us that you want to perform a system test. You must provide us with proper identification including your name, call back telephone number and confidential password or pass number. When testing your system you will need to arm it as usual, open and close a designated entry/exit door, and wait for the exit delay time to expire. Then move around in areas where motion detectors are located and open and close all protected doors and windows. Then wait for at least one minute before disarming the system. Call us and ask what signals we received and instruct us to put the system back on full monitoring.

• All systems supplied and installed by Damar Security Systems are equipped with a Standby Battery. The battery is a critical element in the system’s power supply and it should be replaced every three to five years. Well over 80% of nuisance alarms can be directly attributed to failed batteries combined with momentary power interruptions.

• Over time doors and windows can warp or become misaligned. This could cause the system to be overly sensitive and can be addressed by either fixing the door-window or adjusting the detection devices.

• Be extremely careful about hanging decorative items within the field of view of your motion detectors. Many times hanging items will move when forced air heating comes on or there are drafts from high winds.

• Remember that a properly designed and installed intrusion can and should be free of nuisance alarms. Our technicians are trained and qualified to investigate nuisance alarms and correct a problem.

• To help keep your life safety system in perfect working order we offer an annual inspection and operational test of all devices and signals to the Damar Signal Receiving Center.

• And we offer an optional extended warranty protection plan – we fix, repair or replace any component that fails as a result of normal wear and tear during business hours for a small monthly fee. Please contact a Customer Service Representative at 877-263-2627 for more information.

Homeowner Responsibilities:

As a responsible alarm owner / operator please be aware of your obligations:

• Before arming your system make sure that all protected doors and windows are closed and secured. Look around to ensure that there are no signs, banners, posters, etc. that can move when the heating/cooling system kicks in.

• Please keep your notification list up to date. Many unnecessary dispatches occur because the call list is outdated. If you have both a land line telephone and a cell phone please give us both numbers. Remember that cell phones can be turned off, misplaced, out of cell coverage, or simply not heard when ringing. Our advanced alarm monitoring software allows us to set the times when we call certain telephone numbers – for example we will not call your work phone number between 5:00 PM and 8:00 AM Monday to Friday and not at all on weekends – if you tell us.

• If you accidentally trip the alarm immediately disarm the system and call us at 1-800-265-7562 – identify yourself and ensure that we are not notifying the authorities.

• Please answer your telephone if it rings shortly after any activity on the alarm system – our call display is DSRCALARMCO and the telephone number displayed is 519-346-6342.

• Ensure that everyone who has a key for your home also has a code for the intrusion alarm system and that they know how to operate it. Make sure that they have an identification code on file with us and that they know to call if they have a problem.

• Please let us know if you get a new family pets. Dogs and cats can set off the alarm by triggering motion detectors in your home.

• Please notify us if you make any changes to your telephone system or service as this can affect the alarm system.

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