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Residential Security

Our mission is simple – to provide Life Safety solutions that meet your unique needs by providing the highest quality, state-of-the-art security systems available. We give you the protection and peace of mind to keep your family and home safe.

Life Safety – Smoke, Heat, Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smokey Bedroom

A house fire can be a dangerous and in some cases, a fatal event. Taking appropriate measures to ensure your home is safe is a smart move for any home owner. Protect your home with monitored smoke alarms to provide further home protection in the event of a fire. You not only receive an audible siren, as you normally would, but you can also trust that with our monitoring station; help is on the way.

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Environmental Detection

House effected by the environment

Damar Security Systems provides services to many Canadian home and business owners who are certainly no strangers to interesting weather. Unfortunately, along with bad weather can come undesirable damage to your home. We understand that our customers are most comfortable in their own homes. We strive to be innovative and offer solutions to homeowners, to protect themselves from damage to their homes as a result of inclement weather.

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Intrusion Detection

House with Intrusion System

The Professional Security Consultants at Damar Security Systems collaborate with our clients to create a customized state-of-the art Intrusion Detection System. With convenient and uncomplicated technology that can be utilized by every member of your family, we ensure protection for your home and loved ones, guaranteed to create a sense of safety at home.

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Video Surveillance Monitoring

User monitoring business on computer

During our 30+ years of providing security solutions, the Security Professionals at Damar Security Systems have perfected how to effectively monitor our clients’ homes. Working with state-of-the-art digital network technology and analytics, our experts can create a complete monitoring system for your home to help you protect your family and property. Video surveillance gives you the ability to monitor your home remotely with our Total Connect App. Check in on your home from anywhere, on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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Home Automation

Backyard house automation

Damar Security Systems gives you complete control at the your fingertips. With our Automation solutions you have the ability to control your entryway locks, video & audio surveillance security systems, house lighting, appliances, and more, all from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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