Network Based Access Control

A Network-Based Access Control System from Damar Security Systems can help address many of the most common security challenges industrial facilities face today, such as:

  • • Protecting critical areas to secure valuable assets and sensitive information
  • • Monitoring and restricting access to these areas
  • • Managing multi-site access cards from one centralized point
  • • Eliminating the need to replace keys with employee turnover

Network-Based Total Access Control Systems

A Network-Based Access Control System can not only streamline security management, but can also help significantly increase employee safety, performance, and accountability to help industrial facilities operate more safely, efficiently, and reliably.

Damar Access Control Systems offer a scalable security solution, with open architecture and are IP-Network ready. Unlike early generation systems, they no longer require dedicated servers, workstations, or expensive licensing fees in order to operate. Damar Security Systems can design a network-based system with pre-loaded software that’s easy to program through a simplistic, intuitive user interface using a standard web browser. And since the system is networked based, multi-site access control systems are easy to install and simple to monitor and control from one central point.

Network Based Access Control Systems from Damar Security Systems are just part of a complete physical security management system. When combined with Intrusion Alarm Monitoring, Network Video Management Systems, and Environmental Monitoring, we can provide your business with an intelligent and comprehensive security solution.

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