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Video Surveillance

Multi-site System Solutions

Video surveillance gives you the ability to monitor your business both on-site or remotely. There are many circumstances when you may require video footage from multiple locations on your premises. We provide professional protection to help reduce theft, loss, or property damage.

Video Alarm Verifications

Video Surveillance caught on cameraWhat is Video Alarm Verification?

Video verification or video alarm verification (VAV) is the pairing of your traditional alarm system signals with video surveillance of the event that is triggering the alarm from your business.

How does it work?

Our team of security integration specialists will work with your business to properly design an alarm system that is tied into your video management system (VMS). Cameras will be placed at strategic locations throughout your property, tying them to certain alarm zones on your intrusion system. For example, if the front door alarm zone is signaling an alarm condition, our monitoring station operators will immediately view the cameras in that area to determine if a crime is taking place or if it appears to be a false alarm. They will then dispatch police and notify the proper people on the alarm call list. Our monitoring station operators can view video from 20 seconds prior to the alarm event and view live camera views during the alarm event.


Why is Video Alarm Verification important to you and your Home or Business?

With the demands on Law Enforcement Agencies today, responding authorities usually arrive on the scene of an alarm call within an average of 45 minutes. At this point, the intruder has already caused significant damage and has left the scene with your property. If the Damar Security Systems monitoring station operators can visually verify a crime is in progress, the police will prioritize the alarm call with an average response time of 7 minutes or less. When video alarm verification is employed on an alarm system, the apprehension rate is approximately 50%. Police advise that 98% of alarms called into Police dispatch are false alarms which are a large drain on Police resources.


Benefits of Video Verification:

  • Shorten Response Times – Immediately confirm an intrusion or other event is in progress with a quicker notification sent to local Police or Fire department and receive a higher priority response.
  • Reduce False Alarms – Video Alarm Verification can quickly confirm a false alarm and help avoid unwanted false alarm fees that your local Police Department may charge you.
  • Reduction in Property Loss and Insurance Claims – Minimize property loss and business interruption by doing more to deter and catch criminals in the act while reducing your insurance claims.
  • Meet Regulations – Video Alarm Verification helps you meet the changing Police requirements for emergency dispatch in some regions.
  • Increase your Investment You may have already invested in a Video Surveillance System for your business. By adding Video Alarm Verification, you are increasing the value of your previous investment.


Cloud Enabled Security

Traditional video management systems rely on a customer maintained enterprise server to manage users, permissions, and settings. Damar Web Services simplifies the maintenance of distributed systems by moving these enterprise capabilities to the cloud.

Increase your ROI

Damar Web Services(DWS) increase the value of your video that reach across your company and make your job easier. Save time and money by simplifying recorder access, centralizing user management, and eliminating costs associated with recorder maintenance. Remote system-wide changes to recorders and user accounts minimize costly administration time and site visits. Our fully featured Web Client portal further reduces ongoing maintenance costs by eliminating the need to install and update remote software on users’ PCs.

Simplify Management

Simplify management of accounts and permissions by moving the process online, to a secure central location. Directly from the DWS website you can edit user access to any recorder, and the changes are automatically applied to all impacted accounts and recorders. Your connection settings and permissions are stored in the cloud, removing the need to enter the information into mobile apps or remote software. Role-based user groups make managing large numbers of distributed users simple and pain-free.

Improve Security

Ensuring security is a top priority in DWS. Damar Security Systems offers the latest in protection methods to safeguard your account information, including: two-step video sharing, and encrypted communication with servers. Most recorders on the market today require user management on a recorder by recorder basis making it easy to accidentally leave access for an ex-employee. With DWS, all user permissions are stored in a secure central location in the cloud with changes taking effect immediately.


Security System Health Monitoring

  • ReportStar is a video system health monitoring solution from Damar that ensures you have usable video when you need it most.
  • Keep updated on the function of your entire surveillance system by scheduling reports and emergency alerts to be delivered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Check camera quality, hard drive health, and set video retention notices, so issues can be proactively corrected before they cost your business time and money.

  • Some competitors sell their clients video systems and leave it at that. Many times, after an incident where video content is required for review, customers of this outdated model of service may be disappointed to learn that a camera had gone down since installation. Perhaps the recording device was not in working condition or the camera itself was not strategically placed where it could have been most effective. Damar offers ReportStar as a means to provide our clients with reporting updates for their video surveillance system.

The Damar Promise: our experts will work with your team until your expectations are met; offering peace of mind, every step of the way.

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