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Video Management Systems

Damar Security Systems can help you protect your retail facility from events such as shoplifting, internal theft and false accident claims through the use of a Video Management System.

Today’s Video Management Systems are far more advanced than time-lapse VCR’s of the past or even the more recent Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s). A Video Surveillance System from Damar Security Systems makes use of network technology to increase the functionality and scalability of the system.

With network technology, Damar Security Systems can utilize an existing network infrastructure for the Video Management System, thereby reducing the initial system cost and maximizing the Return on Investment in the network infrastructure. Alternatively, Damar Security Systems can design and install a separate video network infrastructure or security network if multiple network security systems are going to be utilized (e.g. Network Based Video Management & Access Control Systems).

One of most attractive features of a Network Video Management System is the use of standard “off the shelf” server hardware for the Network Video Recorder (NVR) – there isn’t any proprietary hardware to lock you into a specific manufacturer.

Technological advancements have also facilitated the introduction of “Intelligent Analytics” to Network Video Management Systems. For example, analytics can identify many different types of behaviour – both legitimite or malicious. Analytics can be used to determine the amount of time a shopper spends in front a display to aid in determining a displays’ effectiveness. Analytics can also be used to identify a Slip & Fall incident as it happens, thereby facilitating an immediate response. Other Analytics such as Loitering Detection, Crowd Detection, People Counting, Object Removal and Unattended Object are just some of the Analytics that are available to increase the functionality and effectiveness of the Network Video Management System.

Through the use of Network Technology, Damar Security Systems can design and install a Network Video Management System that spans multiple locations, with an unlimited number of cameras that can be managed from a central location.

To find out how a Network Video Management System from Damar Security Systems can work for you, please contact us at 1-877-263-2627

To learn more about the systems that Damar Security Systems can design for you, please see the links below or contact us directly at 1-877-263-2627.

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