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Watch Out for Summer Security Scams!

By on June 7th, 2016

Summer is fast approaching. Every year we receive reports of door-to-door salespeople calling on homes in southwestern Ontario offering free security alarm services.

You are cautioned to be extremely careful should anyone come knocking on your door.

These sales and marketing programs spring up every year about this time and will continue until early fall. Unfortunately it is common practice in these summer sales programs to use every trick in the book to convince consumers to sign on the “bottom line.”

Some of the catchphrases include:

  • “We are here to upgrade your alarm system for free – all I need is for you to sign here please!”
  • “Your alarm company just sold out to us and we are performing a free system inspection and updating some programming.”
  • “Five homes in this neighborhood have been selected to receive a free alarm system just for putting our sign in your front yard.”

Beware of Summer Security Scams

Please be aware of the following facts:

  • • Damar Security Systems employees do not normally “show up” at your home or business without prior notification to you.
  • • All Damar Security Systems representatives carry photo identification – and if you should still have concerns ask to see their ID Card, ask them to wait outside, and call us toll free at 1-877-263-2627.
  • • Damar Security Systems DOES NOT sell our services “door to door!”
  • • Damar Security Systems HAS NOT BEEN SOLD – this is one of the door to door sales people’s favorite ploys: Their response is that they just bought out Damar Security Systems and they are here to upgrade the system for free. And when they do they change the monitoring to someone else.
  • • Damar Security Systems DOES NOT SELL OUR ACCOUNTS, and any representation that we have sold accounts should be regarded with suspicion.
  • • If someone makes any of the false claims mentioned above please attempt to obtain as much information as you can about both the person and the company they represent and then call us immediately, toll free at 877-263-2627.

These door-to-door companies always plead ignorance when they are confronted with consumer complaints. That is why it is important to obtain the individual’s name as well as the company that they work for.

Read the warning from the Canadian Security Association!

You should be aware that there are many locally-based, reputable security alarm companies that are fully able to serve your needs, provide a good working system, service that system on an ongoing basis, and provide you with reliable monitoring services. We are not aware of any locally based security provider that employs “door-to-door summer sales tactics.”

For more information on what has become known as the SUMMER SALES SCAM you can search the web – Google “Door-to-Door Alarm Sales”; or you can go directly to the following sites – these sites are not related to Damar Security Systems in any way. While some of these web sites are United States-based, the companies currently “working” the Canadian consumers are based in Utah and in many cases are the subject of these web site comments.

Minnesota Attorney General Notice:

Seniors Living Magazine:

KSL-TV investigation into door to door sales:

And please download our Homeowner Safety Infographic!

2 responses to “Watch Out for Summer Security Scams!”

  1. Comment Avatar Dave Currie says:

    From Shoreline June 1: A Saugeen Shores homeowner reported an attempted scam – prompting Chief Rivett to again issue a caution: “Remember, don’t give out information over the phone unless you have initiated the call to a place you trust.”

    The resident was called by someone purportedly from ADT Security who announced he’d won an alarm system, and asked about his home security.

  2. Comment Avatar Dave Currie says:

    Home Security scams expected to skyrocket in Utah this summer, BBB says!

    Visit the BBB Web site:

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