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CONNECT Newsletter: Jan 2015

By on February 8th, 2015

Through our CONNECT newsletter, we provide our clients with information on security, products & new technology. We are also looking forward to introducing you to our most valuable asset: our people.

HR Update

There has been a lot of change on the personnel front at Damar Security Systems since the Summer 2014 Issue of Connect. In June of this year, we created a National Accounts division to serve the unique needs of our large national and major accounts. The team is led by Dave Lavoie, Manager of National Accounts and Brian Gibbs, Manager of Technical Services – National Accounts. Dave and Brian are joined by Caralyn Simpson, National Account Executive; Becky Verstaen, Service and Installation Coordinator – National Accounts; Denice Mills – Installation Coordinator – National Accounts; Robert Nagle, Installation and Service Technician and Scott Edwards, Installation and Service Technician. The team provides an exceptional level of support to our clients from BC to Nova Scotia.

In addition to the changes required in setting up the National team, Damar has added Brent Quiring as the new Manager of Technical Services along with three new Service and Installation Technicians with Jason Tyo, David Chute and Greg Quinn all coming on board over the past few months. Each of the new members of the Technical Services team brings a wealth of security and alarm experience. We also welcome two new alarm operators to support the growth of our monitoring requirements with Julie Straiko and Leah Jones both working out of our Brantford office.

Technology Update

Damar Security Systems firmly believes that false alarms are a detriment and detractor to the value of the services we provide and to the alarm industry as a whole. As a commitment to minimize this negative impact, we have always strived to ensure the level of false alarms from our client’s security systems is minimized through follow up efforts that identify system problems or user issues before they become costly and punitive.

A reality of the impact of false alarms on law enforcement budgets and resources is that an increasing number of communities are creating false alarm penalties or police registration bylaws that place a greater level of ownership for alarm dispatch on the monitoring stations and their clients.

i-view nowDamar has also always strived to be an innovator, partnering with companies that are forward looking and that provide us with the highest quality security solutions available. We are therefore very proud to announce our recent partnership with I-View Now, a video verification solution that provides video footage tied to an alarm event into our central station prior to dispatch of an alarm event.

This will provide a higher level of certainty that an alarm event is valid prior to dispatch. It also provides the end-user with access to video footage via the web or smartphone.

Watch the demo on YouTube to see the I-View Now Video Verification Solution in action:

2014 Harmony for Youth Gala

November 21st 2014 marked the second annual Damar Security Systems Charity Gala in support of Harmony for Youth. The event was held at Boston Pizza, in Sarnia and the local community support we received for this event was outstanding. Financial support came through ticket purchases, 50-50 draws and donations from many local businesses and Damar clients to support our silent auction table.

Harmony for Youth Gala 2014

Without the support from our partners Boston Pizza, Moosehead Brewery, Kwik Kopy Printing and K106.3, this event would not be possible. The support we received for advertising from them was fantastic. We also teamed up with Boston Pizza for various social media initiatives to further spread the word (“find the hidden pizza box throughout the community” and “online booth auctions”) for Harmony’s need for support and the community response was incredible. Overall, the event was an overwhelming success and we are truly honoured to be able to provide our support to Harmony for Youth.

Water is the New Fire

Damar Security Systems provides alarm monitoring services to many Canadian home and business owners but did you know that we can monitor more than just security alarms? In fact, Damar Security Systems has been an innovator in monitoring environmental and supervisory signals such as water or moisture levels, smoke detection, CO, low temperature, heat and other solutions with specific regard to loss prevention. Home and business owners should always be on the lookout for additional ways to protect themselves from property damage and there are a variety of benefits to the various monitoring services we offer to keep you protected.

The insurance industry has identified that “water is the new fire” with the volume of insurance claims related to water damage starting to eclipse fire related claims. With this extra focus on water claims, home and business owners will need to take extra steps to reduce the risk of flood damage and avoid preventable claims. Cathy Bisbee – Industry Leader, Programs & Associations at Cowan Insurance Group offers this insight into monitored protection “Lower claim costs control premium costs and leave more resources available for clients to spend on risk management and security systems”. We recommend our clients discuss the various monitoring options available with their insurance providers to find out what incentives are available when adding additional elements to their security system and risk management plan.

“Monitored” high water alarms not only warn you of a problem, but initiate the preferred and desired response in the event you are not at your home or business at a time of crisis. By investigating some of the available resources offered through Damar Security Systems, home and business owners can be proactive in managing some of the risks beyond security and intrusion.

Customer Loyalty

Today’s economic market has never been more competitive. Customer satisfaction is no longer enough. Going above and beyond is absolutely necessary if you are to gain loyal repeat customers and referrals. Damar is committed to earning your loyalty by improving our customer touch points and refining our processes to deliver a “WOW” experience.

One of the best ways to identify how we are succeeding in delivering this “WOW” experience is to simply ask our clients how we are doing in the delivery of customer service. Over the past few months, Damar has implemented a follow up call to hundreds of customers based on the widely recognized Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is becoming an industry standard tool for gauging customer loyalty and is based on the response to the question “How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?” Responses are based on a scale of 1 – 10. Clients that provide scores of 9’s or 10’s are “Loyal Enthusiasts” and are comfortable “promoting” Damar. Scores of 6 and below are “Detractors” and are unhappy with their level of service. Scores of 7 or 8 are considered neutral and are ignored. Our Net Promoter Score is calculated based on subtracting the Detractors scores from the Promoters scores. We also make a point to ask for supporting feedback to the rating we receive and will make a follow up call to any client that indicated any level of dissatisfaction based on either a score below 7 or any negative comments received.

We take great pride in this effort as we recognize the importance of direct follow up with our customers. It is our hope that with this initiative, we will continue to earn the loyalty of our customers and we truly thank those clients that have provided responses so that we can continue to improve your experience with us.

We are proud to announce that to date, our feedback from our clients has been extremely positive with the vast majority of responders rating their Damar experience as 9 or 10. Our collective Net Promoter Score is 83%. While this is an admirable result, we acknowledge that we still have lots of work ahead of us. We wish to extend our gratitude to those clients that have provided responses so that we can continue to make further improvements in delivering a WOW experience every time.

BOLD Conversion

Damar Security Systems takes great pride in the fact that we support all of our alarm monitoring efforts through our own in-house signal ULC listed, CSAA Five Diamond Signal Receiving Centre. The central station is responsible for handling signal and dispatch services for over 40,000 clients across Canada. We are proud to announce that in August of this year we successfully implemented a software upgrade of our alarm signal automation platform to ManitouCS from Bold Technologies. Manitou provides a more robust platform that provides for a host of additional monitoring service options.

BOLD Technologies

The update to BOLD was an essential step towards remaining competitive through our corporate commitment to deliver products, systems and technologies that represent the leading edge in our industry. With the bulk of the transition work behind us, we will be announcing additional complimentary services in 2015.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Great to hear you take people as your greatest asset. I was really inspired after reading your blogpost. Keep inspiring!

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