User Manuals

Need some help with your system? You can always call us any time, but if you’d prefer to download a user manual directly, please choose from the links listed below:

Introducing LYNX Touch 5100
6280 TouchCenter from Honeywell Security
Total Connect™ 2.0 from Honeywell Security

PDF user guides are also available to download. Please choose from the links listed below.

S’il vous plaît choisir parmi la liste pour télécharger une copie pdf de votre guide de l’utilisateur.


Honeywell – Lynx Touch L5100 User Guide
Honeywell – Vista 10 User Guide
Honeywell – Vista 15P User Guide
Honeywell – Vista 20P User Guide
Honeywell – Vista 21iP User Guide
Honeywell – Vista 32FBPT User Guide
Honeywell – Vista 128FB User Guide
Honeywell – Vista 128-250BPT User Guide
Honeywell – 5800 Wireless Battery Replacement Guide
DMP – XT30 XT50 User Guide
DMP – XR100 XR500 User Guide


Honeywell – Lynx Manuel
Honeywell – Vista 10 Manuel
Honeywell – Vista 15P Manuel
Honeywell – Vista 20P Manuel
Honeywell – Vista 32FBP Manuel
Honeywell – Vista 128 Turbo Manuel
Honeywell – Vista 128-250BPT Manuel

Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Although Damar Security does not generally provide maintenance, testing, or repair services to fire alarm systems, we work in tandem with fire alarm system companies to provide fire protection monitoring for many customers. For more information, please review our Fire Alarm Monitoring User Guide.