Fire & Sprinkler Monitoring

Damar Security Systems is ULC-approved to offer fire monitoring and protection services for commercial, retail, and industrial facilities. Many commercial, retail, and industrial buildings are required to have a fire alarm system installed for the protection of the occupants and for early detection and notification of a fire. The Ontario Building Code further requires that certain buildings must have their fire alarm system monitored by a company that conforms to national standards for alarm monitoring services. Generally, buildings in excess of six stories in height, assembly occupancies, hospitals, senior citizen residences and detention facilities are examples of buildings that are required to have their fire alarm systems monitored.

Damar Security Systems is listed by the Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada for the provision of fire alarm monitoring services. Our service area extends from Toronto to Windsor and from Lake Erie to Georgian Bay.

We must meet the requirements listed below in order to provide a service that is acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction related to fire alarm monitoring:

  • • All equipment supplied and installed must be ‘listed’ by the Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada for the provision of Fire Alarm Monitoring Services.
  • • We monitor, as a minimum, the common fire alarm signal, a common supervisory signal and the fire alarm panel trouble signal.
  • • Wiring between the fire alarm panel and our transmission equipment must be installed in accordance with the electrical code and be enclosed in metal conduit approved for the application.
  • • We must provide standby battery power to continue service for a minimum of twenty-four hours in the event of a failure of the building power.
  • • We must perform an operational test, battery load test, and complete inspection of our equipment every twelve months. We also provide extended warranty for the life of the service agreement at no additional cost.
  • • The method of communication between the protected premises and our monitoring center must meet certain minimum requirements which include either continual supervision (preferred) or dual circuits with a once per day test signal being transmitted. The intent is to identify possible communication problems so as to ensure the monitoring system is working and able to transmit signals to our monitoring center.
  • • Our Monitoring Center must be “listed” by the Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada for the provision of Fire Alarm Monitoring Services.
  • • We must notify the appropriate fire department within sixty seconds of receiving the alarm from your premises.
  • • We must ensure that the fire alarm panel is restored to normal operation following an alarm signal or a trouble signal.

Typically these fire monitoring services are provided for a single blended recurring charge. We also offer, as an optional extra service, monthly or quarterly inspections to test the fire alarm signaling service. This generally consists of us operating a manual pull station, verifying receipt of the alarm signal, and re-setting the pull station and your fire alarm panel. This service is ideal for absentee landlords.

Where required by the authority having jurisdiction, we can provide an Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC) Certificate attesting to compliance with CAN/ULC S-561, the Industry Standard for Fire Alarm Monitoring. Additional information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

We can also supervise other critical elements in your facility like process operations, temperature, power, air compressors, water supply or virtually any other condition that can be represented by an electrical change of state. We even monitor elevator emergency telephones at our U.L.C. Listed Monitoring Center.

You can read more about our Fire Alarm Monitoring services online, or download our Fire and Sprinkler Monitoring brochure for additional information. Please contact us directly at 877-263-2627 if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance.