Commercial Security

Damar Security Systems provides integrated security solutions to protect your commercial facility. Our trained service professionals can help you determine the appropriate mix of security products to most effectively secure your business. Damar Security Consultants customize solutions for companies of all sizes – from the smallest businesses to the largest manufacturing facilities in Canada.

Damar Security Systems can identify security vulnerabilities in your commercial business that you may not even be aware of. We can also determine the potential savings benefit of a life safety and asset protection plan for your business. Only by adopting a custom security solution that is specifically designed to help you achieve your business objectives, will your commercial facility, employees, insurer, and financial institution be properly protected.

Commercial Security

Learn more about how Damar Security Systems does more to protect you and your business:

We offer the most cost effective, integrated approach to commercial security available – with comprehensive solutions for intrusion detection, fire protection, access control, video surveillance, and personal emergency protection, we’ve got your business covered 24/7/365.

Some of our commercial security services include:

Our systems are technologically advanced and easy for any business to manage. Whether you have one location to monitor or many, our custom security systems are complete with all the tools you need to effectively secure your assets. From employee access cards and intrusion alarm systems, to remote, mobile video surveillance — all backed by our award-winning monitoring service — our Integrated Security Solutions offer the best possible protection.

When combined with our Safe@Work email security notification service, your commercial facility couldn’t be better protected. For more information, please download the Safe@Work product brochure.